My pitch about wasamar on Techpoint Inspired what went wrong

Let just to the point i wasn't prepared for the pitch and my main purpose for the pitch was to get a large audience to my product to validate the idea faster but even with my failure at the pitch i have my argument that happened at the back stage this is my story.

The MC called a different number at that time i think it was number 5 and mine was number 6 since my number was not called upon i was doing something else on my phone, later he called my number and i must have forgotten, then my neighbor close to me pushed me and said “Number Six” so i had to stand up quick to pitch but the long line of chairs and the staggering to get out quick made me slow to come to the stage, so the MC called another number then the audience scream at the MC saying it was not fair that i was trying to come out but the chairs and the people were making me slow to come to the stage. The MC then gave me a chance and i had run even though some of the audience were calling me an “Ajebutter” i had to run to stage. My palm scandals was not in agreement with the tiled floor i should have fallen down it not for a bit of balance.

Then the MC for Christ sake with those drama to get to the stage, with the other three other founders about to pitch their idea who has come to the stage before me, instead of giving the mic to the other founders he gave it to me, i have not finished catching up with my breathing and he just handed the mic to me, well i had to make my pitch and this was what i said on stage correct me if i was wrong you are the audience.

Hi everyone, I am here to tell you about my idea it is called wasamar ( we are a catalog service that connect you to tailors/fashion designers creative styles, everyone today loves a traditional attire right? we wear them on saturday and sunday right? the audience said “Friday too” also ladies you love to wear aseobi attires to your wedding event right? and the audience said yes, so on wasamar you can browse attires of various tailors and make them or download them.


I forgot to add my traction figures and the number i was estimating for interested investors to get which i did when i was giving the mic the second time to state what my numbers were and i said 25 to 50k.


Hi everyone, these days when you go to your local tailor to make a traditional attire you don't ask the tailors to give you their catalog magazine instead you show them the styles on your phone right on send it to the tailor on whats app to make for you right, well i want to introduce to you this product called wasamar ( we are a catalog service that connect you to tailors/fashion designers creative styles, everyone today loves a traditional attire right? we wear them on Saturday and Sunday right? On wasamar you can Browse, Download or Make traditional attires visit, we are a team of four and we are focused on finding customers and tailors but to be able to sustain the product we are seeking a seed funding of about $10,000 to bootstrap the product to grow a community of about 1000 young tailors/fashion and 1000 users in the next one year, we are seeking for angel investors who believe in our journey, our goal is to get all stakeholders in the traditional attire industry to use wasamar as a tool to help their business grow, and for customers to help them make quality attires from professional local tailors/fashion designers.

That was my first time on stage facing that large crowd and the light and everything it was crazy, it was as if my brain rotated anti clockwise, and i want to use this opportunity to give a feedback to the hosts of the event based on my mistake next time advise the participants for the idea pitch to prepare a day before in the stage that is meant to be used, not every body has that public speaking skill, and to have a idea what they will face the next day they will give their pitch to the large audience.

By the way i got three people who where interested in the product and a better pitch was made to them which resulted to them getting my details, the event was awesome and next year i hope to scale to advertising the product to you.

Watch the video here

If you are interested in investing please call me at 0703 447 4485 or email me udemesamuel256[at]gmail[dot]com or @udemethegrtman

Once again this is the product you can browse,download or make new traditional attire styles, and if you are a tailor you can make more attires and new customers please visit kindly share this to your sister, mum, tailor or friend.



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