Udeme Samuel

I am Udeme Samuel (Grt Man),

I am a Software Engineer/Serial Techpreneur/Technologist

Started this journey in 2009

Built jobinpal.com ( Student jobs portal | Failed)

Built popibay.com (Online pet service | Failed)

Built wasamar.com.ng (Online fashion service | Failed)


  • P2P Crypto Trading (Whogotrade.com)
  • Logistics Api Service
  • Dating Platforms
  • Africa Social Network
  • Gaming
  • Data Reduction
  • Electric Cars Adoption
  • Bitcoin Atm Adoption
  • Software Talent Angel Investing

In Africa

Dm me if you are interested in investing or working with us.

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Udeme Samuel

Udeme Samuel

Software Engineer, Techpreneur, Founder @ GM Digital / Project X Africa